Saturday, February 28, 2004

I see spongebob.. he's cute eh? I'm ready.. I'm ready haha.. and his cute little laugh.. BAHAHAHHA.... i hate patrick he's really dumb i wonder how spongebob can tolerate him eugene krab is dumb too.. no one is ever so crazy about a penny... sandy is stupid looking too... squidwart is retarded he keeps saying : everyone is an idiot except for me... some of my favourite cartoon is like legend of the condor hero... agree? :D

Friday, February 27, 2004

Hi again... now what should I tell? Oh ... my daily life .. quite boring juz like any ordinary child would do ... oh yeah i have a friend who goes home with me everyday .. nadine.. she's really kind .. i mean she always buy snacks for me (that will save me a few cents ^_^Y hee. hee... jk) my exam is on monday.. haiz.. anyone can wish me good luck? and i really hate fridays... why? coz after school has ended.. i have higher chinese lesson which is followed by athletics training and then my chinese tuition.. and my teacher r retardeds ( tuition one ) oh my school teacher.. ewwwww mrs wee has a really "beautifu;" hair it looks like a wig ... miss ngoh? pfffft miss neo hahahhahahahahhahaha guess wats her favourite phrase? : U GUYS ARE BUNCH OF WEIRD ANIMALS *cough*

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